Pittsburgh is a city that prides itself on being a city that revolves around community. Pittsburgh is home to over 90 different distinct neighborhoods giving it a small town feel while being the 22nd largest city in the country. Of the entire population only 7.6% of the total population are part of an evangelical church which means over 2.2 million people may not have a relationship with Christ.

As we were praying about where to plant in the city God placed Mt. Washington on our hearts. Mt. Washington is home to some of the most iconic views of the city and has consistently been voted one of the best neighborhoods in Pittsburgh. However more importantly it is home to 11,000 people, most of whom need to have a relationship with Christ.

The heart behind The Well Church is to be a community of people who do three things well; Love God, Love People, and Do Something About It. God has placed on our hearts a desire to serve our community so that they may experience that love that God has for them. We believe that God has given everyone an inherent desire to be part of an authentic community. At The Well Church we believe that the word “church” is not a place but rather a community of people joined together by the love that God has shown for us.